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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the price?

A. The easiest question we ever get. It is £1 per Box per Month. It does not matter how many boxes you have or how long you store for – just one low price per box from 1 month to 10 years!

Q.What is the size of the free box Box’nStore will send me?

A. The boxes are double walled to make them strong and are 40cm x 40cm x 40cm which is a volume of 67 litres.

Q. How many boxes can I store?

A. From 1 to 1000 boxes (or more if you want!), delivery and collection are always free, you only pay £1 per box per month.

Q. Do I need to know how long I want to store?

A. No, you just pay £1 a month for each box stored, we don’t have a minimum commitment period. Our price is low no matter how long you wish to store with us.

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Box'nStore Testimonials

“Box’nStore has solved my storage problems – I needed secure storage for a range of documents and it was straightforward to set up an account, order online and have it delivered and collected, for free, when I wanted. This has proved so good I’m ready to order more boxes!”

John B, Surrey

Box'nStore boxes

Just what can you get into a box’nstore box? See our box capacity page – all about our big strong boxes and how much you can get into each box…

If you are not sure how many boxes you will need we always refund your first months storage for unused boxes or please give us a free call on 0808 115 6381 – we are experts about all things storage!

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Box'nStore |box storage | easy & affordable

The simplest and best value box storage provider. Free Boxes, Free delivery and free collection. Just pay £1 per Month per Box with no long term commitment.

It couldn’t be easier or more affordable – simply book online and pay just £1 per box for your first month’s storage and we’ll deliver your boxes FREE.

Fill your boxes, ask us to collect them, we then pick up your boxes for safe & secure storage. Then it’s just £1 per box per month which you pay by direct debit. When you want your box back just ask and it’ll be back to you within 24-48 hours.

Operating since 1991 we currently have over 300,000 boxes in storage for our customers – we also have the enviable record of never losing a box.
Box’nStore is brought ot you by Lok’nStore Group Plc the UK’s fastest growing self storage provider.

There is no better way to safely and securely store a box. Deep Storage, Long term storage or simply a few weeks of storage, Box’nStore is box storage made afforadable!

how it works

box’nstore is a trading name of Saracen Datastore Limited (“Saracen”), a limited company (registration number 2652784). Saracen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lok’nStore Limited (“Lok’nStore”), a limited company (registration number 2902717). Both Saracen and Lok’nStore are part of the Lok’nStore Group plc group of companies. Lok’nStore Group plc is an AIM listed company (registration number 4007169). All companies are registered and domiciled in England and Wales and have a registered office at One London Wall, London, EC2Y 5AB
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