Frequently Asked Questions about Box Storage from Box’nStore

Here are some frequently asked questions from customers about our box storage

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boxnstore storage box. box size 406mm. 2

Our big box – 40cm x 40cm x 40cm

[question] How big are the boxes?[/question]

[answer] Our boxes are big at 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, you can see just how much you can get in a Box’nStore storage box here. [/answer]

[question] How much does each of your boxes cost when I use your service?[/question]

[answer] The boxes are always free, ordering 1 or 100 they are all delivered and collected at no cost to you. Then it is £1 per box per month whilst you store it with us.[/answer]

[question] How strong are your boxes?[/question]

[answer] Our boxes are strong, they are double walled in fact. And in the very rare case that your box failed we always replace your box for free whilst you are storing with us.[/answer]

[question] Can I store different size boxes?[/question]

[answer] We can only handle our own sized box; it is because we have dedicated racking, handling and delivery systems that use our box size.  We deliver as many free boxes as you need, if you want to store something of a different size perhaps you might need self storage with Lok’nStore our parent company.[/answer]

[question] What can I store in my box?[/question]

[answer] That’s up to you, you can find out what you can fit in your box here.  Full details of exclusions (mainly dangerous or expensive items) can be found in our terms and conditions)[/answer]

[question] How many boxes can I store?[/question]

[answer] You can store as many boxes as you like. Each one costs just £1 per month. You can add boxes at any time and you can have as many as you like returned back to you when you wish.[/answer]


Delivery and Collection

[question] How much does delivery and collection cost? [/question]

[answer] Both delivery and collection are completely free, as are the boxes themselves. All you pay is your first months storage at £1 per box when you order your boxes and then we take a payment for your stored boxes each month on the anniversary of delivery (via direct debit).[/answer]

[question] Can you deliver or collect my box at my work or another alternate address? [/question]

[answer] Yes. We will deliver and collect for free from any address in our current service area. Work or home or the house you are moving out of or……you get the idea. [/answer]

[question] When will my boxes arrive? [/question]

[answer] We deliver 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. If you are not in and there is a safe place to leave your empty boxes we will do that but we need someone to be around when we collect your box or deliver it back to you.[/answer]



[question] How long can I store for? [/question]

[answer] That is for you to decide; whilst you are paying your monthly storage fee we will be securely storing your box for you.[/answer]

[question] Is there a minimum storage period? [/question]

[answer] No, if you want to store your box for 1 month or 1000 months that’s up to you. It is always just £1 per box per month [/answer]

[question] How secure is my box whilst it’s with Box’nStore? [/question]

[answer] This is something we pride ourselves on.  Your box is tracked from the day you hand it to us.  Amongst 200,000+ other boxes we can tell where it is (down to its position on a shelf) at any time whilst it’s in our system.  We have very modern and secure storage locations to which no member of the public is allowed access at any time.  When all you do is look after boxes you do become very good at it![/answer]

[question] Where is my box stored? [/question]

 [answer] We have two secure locations to service a wide area of the UK, sorry you cant visit these locations as they are both secure but you can sleep well at night knowing we know where your box is at any given time (from our satelite tracked vans down to it’s position on a shelf when in the warehouse) and we care about storing your box securely![/answer]



[question] When do I make my first payment?[/question]

[answer] When you order your boxes you pay £1 per box for your first month’s storage via PayPal on our website (you don’t have to have a PayPal account just follow the prompts on the payment page to make a payment by Credit or Debit card.) then we will set up a direct debit with you online for ongoing payment.[/answer]

[question] How do I set up a direct debit with you to make ongoing payment?[/question]

[answer] Before we collect your boxes we must have a direct debit in place for ongoing payment for the storage.  We send you a link to our direct debit partner who will process your monthly payment.  This is a simple online process for which you will need your bank account details handy.  You have the security of knowing your payments are always covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.[/answer]


Returning your box

[question] How do I arrange for my box to be returned to me? [/question]

[answer] You may want your box back temporarily or permanently that’s up to you but the its always the same process.  Just complete the form here, let us know if you want to permanently have your box back and pay retrieval fee, Retrieval costs £8 for the first box on each delivery and £4 for each additional box on the same delivery.  The we will deliver the box back to your chosen address on your chosen day. [/answer]


Everything else

[question] Who are Box’nStore? [/question]

[answer] Boxn’Store’s parent company is Lok’nStore Group plc who have 25 self storage centres across the UK.  Find out more about us at [/answer]

[question] Can I visit my box in storage? [/question]

[answer] At our dedicated box storage locations we pride ourselves on security. You don’t need to leave home to use Box’nStore, if you need your box back in a hurry we deliver back in 24 – 48 hours so you are never far away from your box.  Therefore you can’t visit us but you can always call us on 0800 740 8700 if you need us in a hurry. [/answer]

[question] What do I do if I think there has been damage to my box contents during collection, storage or redelivery?[/question]

[answer] We provide an indemnity for every box to the value of £100, so in the very rare case that you think your contents is not in the condition you gave it to us in let us know immediately and we will help you as a priority.[/answer]



Saracen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lok’nStore Limited (“Lok’nStore”), a limited company (registration no. 2902717). Both Saracen and Lok’nStore are part of the Lok’nStore Group plc group of companies.  Lok’nStore Group plc is an AIM listed company (registration no. 4007169).  All companies are registered and domiciled in England and Wales and have a registered office at One London Wall, London, EC2Y 5AB. box’nstore is a trading name of Saracen Datastore Limited (“Saracen”), a limited company (registration no. 2652784).[/answer]

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