how storing a box is easy at box’nstore

We have worked hard to make sure storing a box with Box’nStore is simple and easy to arrange

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Free Boxes

1.     Storing a box (or more) is easy. Arranging your free boxes to be delivered could not be easier, order your boxes online and we will deliver them free of charge to your chosen address (home or work or anywhere else!) on the weekday you choose. The boxes are 40cm x 40cm x 40cm (67 litres) and double walled for strength. If you want more boxes at any time just order more online.  When you order you pay £1 per box for your first month’s storage.   We will deliver the boxes to you,  you pack them and when you are ready simply arrange your collection We collect Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm from any address you wish (it doesn’t have to be your billing address). We will email you a link to arrange a direct debit for ongoing payment for your stored boxes.

Collection and Storage

2 & 3.    Our drivers will collect your box in our satellite tracked vans, we will then take them to our secure warehouse that day and they will occupy their space on our shelves until you request it back. Everywhere your boxes go in our system is tracked, all the way to their space on our shelves in our secure warehouse.  Your boxes are individually bar-coded so we know where they are (and you can reference what is in your boxes). We have over 300,000 boxes stored and we know and care where each one is.

Box Return

4.      Return of your boxes costs £8 for the first box and then £4 for each subsequent box on the same delivery.  Ongoing monthly payment is arranged by direct debit which guarantees security of your payment.

Book Now and see how easy it is to store your items with us.  It’s storage without ever needing to leave your home!

To answer any other questions, please check our frequently asked questions page – or you can always call or email us.